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RoHs Guarantee

Thank you for your continuous support to Hiconn! Through the mutual efforts made by Hiconn customers, Hiconn suppliers and Hiconn in meeting the requirements of EU RoHS Directive while maintaining the products functionalities, we are glad to announce that all Hiconn products are RoHS compliant.We guarantee that all Hiconn products and the packing materials supplied to our customer do NOT CONTAIN the chemical materials and stated in below Table 1 and 2. The judgment of CONTAIN or NOT CONTAIN is decided by the Maximum Value(PPM) according to the standards of TAC (Technical Advisory Committee).

Table 1 for Hiconn products

Type of Hazardous Substance
Maximum Value (PPM)
Pb (Lead)
Hg (Mercury)
Cr6+ (Chromium VI)
1000ppm(Please refer to Note 1)
Cd (Cadmium)
100ppm (Cadmium contact is excluded; Please refer to Note 2)

Table 2 for Packing Materials

Types of Hazardous Substance
Maximum Value (PPM)


1. According to EU 2005/717/EC (the revised edition of EU 2002/95/ECRoHS), article 9a under item 2, DecaBDE will not be exempted from July 1, 2008. Sum of PBDEs (Mono to Deca ) in all our cables will be under strict control according to EU RoHS Directive.
2. According to the EU Decision on Oct. 21 2005 (2005/747/EC), the cable contact containing Cadmium is exempted from the prohibition of RoHS Directive. During the period of such exemption, the contact material containing Cadmium is not restricted by RoHS. In other words, AgCdO contact is also RoHS compliant.

Quality Guarantee

Hiconn specifies the quality levels it guarantees to customers, thus ensuring that all employees aim for the same target in their ongoing pursuit of quality improvement. With respect to product safety, Hiconn observes its own strict standards for technical safety, in addition to carefully following the safety standards and regulations of all the countries it is active in.To manufacture products that meet the high quality, reliability and safety standards, Hiconn has established the following procedures during the production stage.1.Guarantee of procured parts and materials: To ensure that suppliers provide only parts and materials that meet strict standards for quality, Hiconn clearly outlines its standards and signs quality guarantee agreements with suppliers. Hiconn also conducts inspection to confirm the quality of parts and materials being received.2.Unconditional 100% test pass Guarantee: With a whopping success over the last 8 years and an unshakable faith in all our offerings, we bring to you an unconditional 100% test pass guarantee on all our cables.3.Long-term reliability confirmation: Through accelerated product-life tests using Plug-pull power testing device, cable flexed testing device and brine sprayer testing device, etc. Hiconn is able to confirm the reliability of cables over a long duration of use.

Warranty Terms

 We, Hiconn Electronics Co., Ltd. warrant our products, if any, to be free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions. If cables or connectors fail to conform to this warranty, then for a period ending twelve(12) months after delivery date, we will replace the cables and connectors for customers. Customers don’t have to send defective articles each time when they get some. They can gather a certain amount and return at a time. But be careful about the warranty period. Customers take care of cost of sending the articles back. We’re responsible for cost of returning replacements to customers.We will have defective articles from customers tested first and then:
(1) Replace with new articles and send back to customers Articles do not work properly and it’s because of mal-production.
(2) Returning the articles to customers
A. The articles still work fine, or
B. The articles are damaged by human errors, not by mal-production.
C. The articles are out of the warranty period.